Pokemon Battle Styles Event (April 3rd, 2 PM - 6 PM)

Pokemon Battle Styles Event (April 3rd, 2 PM - 6 PM)

  • $25.00
    Unit price per 

Here’s your chance to grab some of our very limited supply of Battle Styles!

$25 entry fee
16 players max

Join us for a limited release party. Each participant has an opportunity to win 2 Battle Styles booster packs for each round they win!

Drinks & snacks are included and each participant will receive 2 Battle Styles booster packs upon entry! Also... even if you do not win any rounds, we will still give you two additional packs!

This is a four round event with prize support being provided each round. There are no prizes for top placements.

Limited to 16 participants & pre-registration is required!

Masks covering mouth & nose are required and spacing will be enforced while playing. A separate area will be available for participants to remove their mask while they prepare for their next game, snack and visit with other players while practicing good social distancing. We will remove you from the event and require you to leave without a refund if you fail to properly wear your mask while playing or otherwise put anybody at unnecessary risk. We do understand that you might need to take a drink from your beverage while playing, so we won't ding you for that, as long as you have your mask back in place in a timely manner.