Adeptus Titanicus: Questoris Knights Upgrades

Adeptus Titanicus: Questoris Knights Upgrades

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Add new weapons options to your Questoris Knights with this set of two upgrade frames. You'll receive additional options for both ranged and close combat, including thunderstrike gauntlets, rocket pods and meltaguns, as well as additional heads to customise your Knights. With these weapons, you can use your Knights in new ways on the battlefield, putting the fear of the Emperor (or the Chaos Gods) into your enemies.

This kit comes with components to build the following weapons for your Questoris Knights:

– 6x left-handed thunderstrike gauntlet
– 6x right-handed thunderstrike gauntlet
– 6x rocket pod
– 6x meltagun
– 6x heads

To use the contents of this upgrade set, you will need Adeptus Titanicus Questoris Knights, which are available separately.