Ashes Reborn: The Grave King

Ashes Reborn: The Grave King

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    • From the disease-ravaged city of Marrowden, comes the stench of death, and the staggering shapes of fallen warriors. James Endersight would lay claim to the ultimate prize, and there is no price too foul for him to pay. This talented sociopath wields his power, stripping the living of their flesh, and raising their bones to do his bidding.
      James feeds off Divine and Ceremonial magic to raise the dead.

      GAME DESIGN: Isaac Vega
      ARTISTS: Fernanda Suarez


      • James Endersight x 1
      • Vengeance x 3
      • Summon Fallen x 3
      • Chant of Sacrifice x 3
      • Revival Pact x 3
      • Rising Horde x 3
      • Immortal Commander x 3
      • Reaping Angel x 3
      • Grave Knight x 3
      • Rally the Troops x 3
      • Reclaim Soul x 3
      • Fallen x 7