Best Chess Set Ever- Triple

Best Chess Set Ever- Triple

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  • Best Chess Set Ever- Triple.

    Chess is one of the oldest board games in the world, and its popularity needs little substantiation. For most Americans, learning chess is simply a right of passage. In fact, over 45 million people in the U.S. play chess on a weekly or monthly basis, more than tennis and golf combined! Kids start playing the game as young as five years old, and adults continue well into senior years. Chess is promoted worldwide as a tool to develop math and verbal aptitude, improve memory, and prevent Alzheimer’s. The Best Chess Set Ever offers all of the distinguishing chess components, reimagined for modern appeal.

    Chess King Height: 3.75” inches.

    Chess Pieces: Triple Weighted, 2.2 Lbs With Smooth Felt Bottoms.

    Chess Board: Silicone Material With Algebraic Notation.

    Chess Board Size: 20 x 20 Inches (Tournament Standard).

    Number Of Chess Pieces: 34 Chess Pieces (2 Bonus Queens For Pawn Promotion).

    Strategy Guide: 32-Page Illustrated Full Color Booklet.

    Box Dimensions: 8.25” Tall x 5.25” Wide x 4.75” Deep.