Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings - Nords: Stalkers

Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings - Nords: Stalkers

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The Stalkers have been gifted with the bestial senses of their forefather, possessing keener eyesight and an unparalleled sense of smell and hearing but, much like their half-blooded brethren, they possess no control over these gifts. As their powers manifest, the din and clamor of village life makes it impossible for them to sleep or concentrate and they soon find a peace of sorts in the frozen forests and mountains of Mannheim. Loners by choice, invariably becoming accomplished hunters and woodsmen, the Stalkers will nevertheless readily band together when needed to take down fearsome prey, or tackle a danger greater than they could handle on their own.

The sheer diversity in scents and sights that the sun-lands offer is surer a bait than any promise of glory or plunder and it is a fortunate captain indeed who can count on a Stalker band amongst his forces. These master woodsmen are invaluable during a raid, eliminating sentries and cutting off lines of supply while the main forces move into position. Once the battle is met, Stalkers provide much needed ranged cover for their brethren before wading into combat themselves.

• 12 Stalkers with 3 infantry stands
• 1 Digital command card

• 1 Pheromancer
• 24 Force-Grown Drones with 6 infantry stands
• 3 Brute Drones with 3 cavalry stands
• 1 Abomination with 1 monster stand
• Noble Lord with 1 cavalry stand
• 24 Men-at-Arms with 6 infantry stands
• 12 Mercenary Crossbowmen with 3 infantry stands
• 3 Household Knights with 3 cavalry stands
• 6 model markers
• 1 Rule Book
• 12 Dice
• 20 Command Cards