Forbidden Psalm: Forbidden Love

Forbidden Psalm: Forbidden Love

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Love is a blessed thing, but love breaks our soul and binds our despair.

Forbidden Love is a miniatures game expansion of love, death, and donkeys for the bestselling Forbidden Psalm system. After escaping the frozen wilds of Frozen Psalms, your little warband might think they’ve earned themselves a chance at chocolate and flowers. But February hides many secrets, and in the donkey’s garden you’ll need fire, steel, and more than a bit of luck to make it home safely.

This lovely zine contains:
Five new Scenarios to test your warbands, from a fetch quest in a garden to a revenge mission against Cupid.

New Relics like everyone’s favorite Box of Chocolates and Cupid himself’s mighty evil arrows.

‘Friendly’ new foes, including the King’s Guard, Gardeners, and sneaky Bandits.

Fully compatible with all other Forbidden Psalm products and MÖRK BORG.