Frontier Wars

Frontier Wars

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"Frontier Wars" ("Guerra Fronteriza" in Spanish) allows you to take control of one of the four most relevant factions in World War 2. Choose the nation you want to take into the fray: United States, United Kingdom, Germany or Russia in games for 2 to 4 players.

  • Recreate battles of the largest military clashes in history.

  • Learn how to manage your resources, make bold tactical movements with infantry, tanks, artillery, and airstrikes.

  • Make alliances that meet your interests, but remember, your allies can leave an alliance at any time.

  • Fight smart and never cease exploring your options, since the end of the battle can arrive at the most unexpected moment.

The game includes 100 fully detailed miniatures, a modular battlefield for new and different games each time you play, as well as 90 cards that will make each game unique. We’ve worked hard to make the game easy to learn without sacrificing tactical complexity. All of this within the time frame of a fast, dynamic game. Are you ready?