Monopoly: Bojack Horseman

Monopoly: Bojack Horseman

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MONOPOLY®: BoJack Horseman.

Wheel and deal as a talent scout on a mission to buy, sell, and trade a winning client list. Dig through Drunk Texts from BoJack or act on Emails from Princess Carolyn to rack up production companies and studios you need to complete and compete in Hollywoo!


  •  6 Custom Tokens: BoJack's flask, The D from the Hollowoo Sign, Todd's Hat, Mr. Peanutbutter's Dog Bowl, Diane's Laptop, and Princess Carolyn's Cat Toy.
  • 1 Custom designed game board featuring characters from the TV series
  • Houses are renamed Production Company, Hotels are renamed Studio
  • Custom Community Chest (Emails from Princess Carolyn) cards and custom Chance (Drunk Texts from BoJack) cards
  • Custom BoJack Horseman Themed Money
  • Instructions