Once Upon a Time, 3rd Ed: Fairytale Mash-ups

Once Upon a Time, 3rd Ed: Fairytale Mash-ups

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Fairytale Mash-ups.


An expansion for Once Upon a Time™ where storybook tales collide.


Key Selling Points:

  • An expansion for Once Upon a Time, the award-winning, evergreen fairytale storytelling card game.
  • Helps players include iconic fairytale characters like Cinderella and Snow White in Once Upon a Time stories.
  • Prompts hilarious juxtapositions and narrative detours as familiar stories mash up in unpredictable ways.


What It’s About:

  • Everyone knows Cinderella, Humpty Dumpty, and the Three Bears. And everyone knows to avoid magic bean peddlers and ovens big enough for children. But what happens when all these classics come together in the same story?


Gameplay Basics:

  • In Once Upon a Time, players take turns as the storyteller of an improvised story, playing cards as they use those elements. The first player to run out of cards wins.
  • In Fairytale Mash-ups the cards are classic fairytale elements like Three Bears, Seven Dwarves, Puss in Boots, a Beanstalk, and something that’s Golden.
  • An included gameplay guide helps players customize the effects of Fairytale Mash-ups in their Once Upon a Time set


  • 8 Event cards (like “Laughing,” “Birthday,” and “Baked”)
  • 8 Thing cards (like “Beanstalk,” “Porridge,” and “Spoon”)
  • 6 Aspect cards (like “Empty,” “Golden,” and “Hard-working”)
  • 4 Place cards (like “Haystack,” “Mine,” and “Oven”)
  • 12 Character cards (like “Cinderella,” “Goldilocks,” and “Seven Dwarves”)
  • 17 Ending cards (buy Fairytale Mash-ups to find out!)


Box size: 3.75” × 4.675” × 0.675” inches.