Powers & Perils #1: Orwell Industries (Savage Worlds Edition) Paperback

Powers & Perils #1: Orwell Industries (Savage Worlds Edition) Paperback

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Orwell Industries is the first product in our Powers & Perils line of superpowered supplements. Written by Butch Curry and illustrated by Julia Bax, this book contains the history of Orwell Industries from its humble beginnings to its present worldwide infrastructure. Find details on key staff members, the corporate hierarchy, new enemies and allies, new gear and vehicles, secret projects, and more.

Guidelines are given on how to introduce and integrate Orwell Industries into your existing supers campaign and how you can make it the focus of a new campaign. Plot hooks abound, along with a complete campaign outline, so you'll never be at a loss for adventure.

Prepare to throw on your capes and spandex and face the evils of Orwell Industries!

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