QuickFold Card Box (Single)

QuickFold Card Box (Single)

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Made from a durable cardstock wrapped with glossy, printed paper, QuickFolds™ are attractive, premium card storage boxes. The boxes are shipped flat for easy storage and affordable delivery. The lid closes securely using two pairs of strong magnets, keeping your cards safe. Cards are stored vertically for the best presentation of most sports and gaming cards. One end of the box has an identification panel so you can label what cards are enclosed.

The easy fold-up system allows the initial flat panels to fold into a box in a simple process. Just remove the adhesive backing before folding the box. Then fold the box and press the panels together where the adhesive layers meet.

This QuickFold™ Box is 15 inches in length, able to store approximately 800 loose or 500 sleeved sports cards, and for gaming cards, up to 1200 loose or 1000 sleeved, depending on card thickness. BCW Trading Card Dividers will also fit under the lid.

The BCW QuickFold™ is a deluxe card box for ultra protection of baseball, football, soccer, basketball, hockey and other sports cards. QuickFolds™ are also excellent to store gaming cards such as Magic the Gathering (MTG), Pokemon, Disney Lorcana, Flesh and Blood, and other TCGs.