Riot Quest: Scythe (White Metal)

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An apple a day might keep the doctor away in the real world, but in a post-apocalyptic Iron Kingdoms, it’ll take some seriously heavy firepower to avoid a visit from Dr. Stygius! Suffer a wound while he’s on your crew, and this sinister Cephalyx has a suite of tools to stitch, saw, or scrape away your ails and keep you in the action. But if you’re looting for the other team, don’t forget your tinfoil hat or you may find Stygius psychically scrambling your cerebellum into a savory sauce! Doctor Stygius is a Specialist Class Hero that brings a unique and powerful ability to any Crew he joins: Healing! In addition to lowering the cost of Riot Gear equipped to himself or to nearby Crew mates, the “good doctor” can also perform some quick surgery to heal damage his “friends” have sustained in the Arena. Stygius also has the power to melt the minds of his enemies from a respectable distance, possibly even disrupting the opponent’s flow of Action Die thanks to his Scramble ability. When played in WARMACHINE & HORDES, this model is a Mercenary Cephalyx Solo and the first Warcaster attachment for Cephalyx Warcasters!