RPG Set - Mythica Dreamscape Frostfell

RPG Set - Mythica Dreamscape Frostfell

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In the northern most regions where were few dare travel and even fewer return from, the frigid wastelands of Frostfell, within its glaciers, keep safe long forgotten treasures. Listen closely to the howling winds, they may share with you the secrets of Frostfell. 



• Dark matte trim with creamy-white inlay that glimmers blue like glaciers
• Excellent heft, and authoritative feel when rolling
 Dreamscape dice corners are softened for beauty, improve rolling, and kindness to tables
• Solid metal dice, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy
• 7-piece standards RPG set


All our metal sets come with a protective case that can also be used as a small dice tray.