Scurvey Dice

Scurvey Dice

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Scurvy Dice.

Peril and plunder await your pirate crew in Firelock’s newest game, Scurvy Dice! In this highly competitive dice roller you will strive against other commanders in a ship of your own design to pillage

the wealth of the East Indies and the other captains with whom you compete. Broadsides and boarding actions are just some of the exciting encounters you will face in your race to riches. You will need boldness, cunning and not a small amount of luck to best your opponents and conquer life at sea. Will fortune favor you? Find out, in Scurvy Dice!

Scurvy Dice is played over a series of rounds called treasure hunts. Players will roll their ship dice to build and refit their ships to battle their opponents and race to find the best treasure at parrot island - all while trying to avoid getting scurvy.