Red Dragon Inn: Allies- Adonis vs. the Lich King

Red Dragon Inn: Allies- Adonis vs. the Lich King

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A new good guy and a new bad guy join the party!

The Magnificent Adonis, Bard of the Ages:

This bard’s pretentious title - self-given, of course - makes him the envy of other bards... Okay, not really, but he can carry a tune and he’s good in a fight. He uses his three preferred instruments, the flute, the lyre and the drum, to cast bardic magic or just bash bad guys over the head!

The Good: Adonis is a fine specimen of a man.

The Bad: ... and he won’t let you forget it!

The Lich King:

Look over there! It’s the Lich King! This ancient skeletal mage has transferred part of his essence and power to his severed hand, making him highly resistant to attack by the good guys. But even this near-immortal embodiment of evil enjoys a pint at the tavern once in a while!

The Bad: Good luck getting past his formidable defenses.

The Worse: He knows how to “throw a punch”. Literally.