Card Fight!! Vanguard Title Booster Pack Vol.1 BanG Dream! Film Live (Trading Cards)

Card Fight!! Vanguard Title Booster Pack Vol.1 BanG Dream! Film Live (Trading Cards)

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This item is limited to 1 per household.
7 cards in 1 package & 12 packages in 1 box. 84 cards.
Please note that you cannot necessarily get all kinds of the items in one box.
There are 60 kinds of cards.
Copyright BanG Dream! Project
Copyright BanG Dream! FILM LIVE Project

[Card Fight !! Vanguard [BanG Dream!] Is here! ]
-<< Poppin`Party >> << Afterglow >> << Pastel * Palettes >> << Roselia >> << Hello, Happy World! >> deck can be built.
-You can do a fight that reproduces the band and the live!

[You can make a deck for each band! ]
-[BanG Dream! FILM LIVE] appears in Vanguard !!
-<Poppin`Party> <Afterglow> <Pastel * Palettes> <Roselia> <Hello, Happy World! > 5 bands are included ♪
-You can build a deck with only the cards of each band!
-If you gather all the band members, you can make a deck as it is !!
-Since you can easily create a deck, even those who have never played [Card Fight !! Vanguard] are safe, let's play [Card Fight !! Vanguard] with your favorite band!

[New system [Music card] is here! ]
-The songs played at [BanG Dream! FILM LIVE] will be recorded as [Music Card]!
-Very easy to use. Place it in a circle and start playing!
-Let's relive the memorable live with each of the 5 band members ♪
-The effects of the [Music Card] vary from those that strengthen band members to those that promote fighting in an advantageous manner.
-Play various songs and fight according to the situation!

[R and C cards with glowing holo specifications are included! ]
-A rare Holo version of the R and C cards from the pack!
-You can make all the cards in the deck glitter!
-The collection is perfect! Let's collect glitter together !!

[SP and SSR are illustrated in parallel! ]
-SP and SSR, which appear very rarely in the pack, are parallel illustrations!
-Some of the characters and voice actors are stamped!
-Details such as designs will be announced in the future! Look forward to it ♪

[Box benefits included! ]
-[BanG Dream! FILM LIVE] 1 type from gift marker or quick shield ticket designed! (3 types in total)

[Recording clan]
-Bang Dream! (Force)

[Number of card types]
-All 60 types [60 new types] (VR: 5 types / RRR: 5 types / RR: 11 types / R: 10 types / C: 29 types) + Parallel card (SP, SSR) planned to be recorded !!
-2 packs of rare or more shining cards are included in 1 pack!

* Apart from the number of types above, some cards have different illustrations. (Same name and same ability)
※get! It is not a target product of the Treasure Campaign.