Zombies!!!: Humans!!!

Zombies!!!: Humans!!!

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You used to be a musician, doctor, miner, cheerleader, etc., but now you are a zombie and these pesky humans keep trying to kill you. But why? All you want is some nice, delicious brains. They have plenty. Perhaps if you infected more humans, it wouldn't be such a problem...

In Humans!!! you choose a Zombie and your abilities are determined based on your pre-zombie occupation. Now you wander around town trying to infect as many people as you can to help with your cause.

This game is compatible with Zombies!!!, where players can choose to play the humans or the zombies.

Part of the Zombies!!! series.

Expanded by Humans!!! 2 - Sea Food, Humans!!! 3 - ZombieCon and Humans!!! 4 - Camp Zombie Lake.